Practical and designer zippers for clothes and fancy goods

We offer the widest selection of zippers for workwear, lightweight fabrics and fancy goods - over 50 shades, various designs of zipper blades and width variations.

How to Choose the Right Zipper?

Tractor-type plastic zippers are highly rigid, while being very durable, so they are often used in the production of outerwear and professional clothing. Metal zippers are commonly used in denim, jackets and bags, while spiral zippers are irreplaceable in lightweight clothing and knitwear - they are soft and easily sewn to the fabric without deforming.

Zippers also differ by width of the closed fastener: 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 10 mm. An interesting fact is that the wider and thicker zipper can withstand the greater load.

In the segment of metal and hidden zippers, we cooperate with the world’s largest manufacturer of the zippers with almost 100 years of history - the Japanese brand YKK. The supply of plastic and spiral zippers is carried out by the Lithuanian company VVK, which stands out for its favorable prices and fast delivery.


Many modern items of clothing, fancy goods, sports and travel outfit are inconceivable without such an easy-to-use zipper. Now it is increasingly competing with buttons and other fasteners, surpassing them in convenience, speed of use and cost effectiveness - in terms of production efficiency and expenses, the cost of sewing in a zipper is lower than the cost of sewing in other types of fasteners.

At first glance, simple sewing supplies consist of many details that determine functionality and durability. The most important characteristics are the density of the ribbons, the material of the zipper blades - metal or plastic - and the connection technology of the zipper blades - tractor type or spiral type.