Nonwoven materials

Auxiliary fabrics for sewing and artificial insulation for clothes

The widest range of sewing aids and various types of fillers for clothing insulation.

Range of Nonwoven Materials

STA Grupa offers a wide range of nonwoven materials - single-sided and double-sided interfacing, woven interfacing and other adhesive fabrics of various colors for light and medium-weight fabrics, which are used as linings for attaching clothing parts.

We also offer our clients high-quality soft artificial insulation - breathable and anti-allergenic types of polyester batting: ordinary polyester batting, siliconized polyester batting (synthetic fluff) or especially light In-Therm insulation with a unique level of heat resistance, as well as batting, which has unique abilities to withstand low and high temperatures in the production of workwear for extreme weather conditions (jackets, overalls, trousers, gloves).

We also provide quilting services by quilting the lining with polyester batting according to various patterns, as well as by welding the lining with a high-frequency method.



Nonwoven fabrics are the materials made without the use of weaving methods. They are mostly made from fibers and threads, which are connected by mechanical or heat treatment. Non-woven materials are made from both natural (cotton, linen, wool) and chemical fibers (viscose, polyester, polyamide, polypropylene), as well as from recycled fibrous raw materials.

The most popular nonwoven materials are batting and polyester batting, which are used as the fillers for production of linings for warm outerwear, providing an alternative to fur lining. Nonwoven materials also include interfacing and other adhesive fabrics that are used in the sewing industry to reinforce individual pieces.