The widest range of fabrics for the production of professional workwear, special clothing and corporate style

More than 200 types of fabrics for the production of various types of workwear, protective clothing, special clothing, sportswear and corporate clothing.

STA Grupa offers a wide range of fabrics used in the production of multifunctional workwear and special clothing - for the needs of professionals, firefighters, military and security agencies, construction workers, medical personnel and other occupations. The company has been cooperating for a long time with well-known brands and the largest European manufacturers of fabrics for workwear, special clothing and corporate clothing, such as Klopman International, Concordia Textiles, Ariteks, 3M, YKK, Morito, Aplix, etc., which guarantees consistently high quality, short delivery terms and competitive prices. We have numerous different fabrics in stock, which guarantees fast delivery across Latvia and Europe.

Selection of Fabrics

Our offer includes blended fabrics of cotton and polyester or elastane and polyester, which are the most popular and practical fabrics in the clothing industry. Various composition variations allow choosing a more dense, durable or elastic fabric, by selecting the best option according to the specifics of the enterprise.
The range of fabrics includes also natural wool, linen and cotton materials, various fabrics for furniture upholstery, leather imitations and denim fabrics, as well as specialized fire-resistant fabrics, coated fabrics and moisture-resistant membrane fabrics that protect against flame, moisture, oil, grease or other extreme environmental impact. The fabrics from Klopman International and Concordia Textiles, which stand out for their durability and perfect quality, are very popular among the clients.
We also offer high-quality lining fabrics made of viscose and polyester with antistatic properties, which are suitable for both workwear and everyday lining - for coats, jackets, dresses.