About us

STA Grupa is the leading textile distribution company in Latvia, which has been supplying various types of multifunctional fabrics, threads, zippers, non-woven materials, goods for labor protection and other sewing accessories to professional workwear manufacturers in Europe since 1991.

We have been specializing in the distribution of protective clothing and special clothing, as well as sewing supplies to the clients from Latvia and Europe for 30 years. Our partners are the manufacturers whose brands are well known in the professional field, such as the manufacturer of fabrics for the workwear Klopman International, producer of textile solutions Concordia Textiles, which specializes in the production of polyurethane coated fabrics and membrane fabrics, 3M reflective materials for professionals who require high-visibility and high-functionality clothing.

Seven professionals who care about excellent customer service work in the team of STA Grupa - take orders, advise on fabrics, personal protective equipment, help in selection of the most suitable sewing accessories, as well as provide fast after-sales support.

Our range of goods includes more than 100 different types of blended fabrics, knitted, cotton and linen fabrics for various types of workwear, antistatic linings of various thicknesses, artificial insulation, 250 thread colors for overlock sewing machine and embroidery, metal and plastic zippers, reflective materials and hundreds of different types of accessories.