Reflecting Materials

Self-adhesive and sewn-on reflective tapes to highlight objects in the dark

Reflective tape increases safety at night and is an integral part of the protective workwear for people who have to work in high-risk conditions.

Types and Application of Reflective Elements

One of the most common ways to equip clothing with reflective elements are sewn-on or self-adhesive reflective tapes, emblems or logos. They are easy-to-use, elastic, durable and can be washed without special instructions.

STA Grupa distributes sewn-on or self-adhesive tapes from two well-known companies - 3M and VizLite. In the reflective material segment, we are 3M distributors in Latvia and Vizlite representatives in Latvia, Lithuania and Estonia.

The most demanded reflective sewn-on tape is item 8906 of 50 mm in width, which is regularly available in stock. Extra strong reflective tapes for industrial washing as well as flame retardant reflective tapes are also available in stock. Self-adhesive tapes can be easily attached to clothing even at home.


The use of reflective materials is the perfect way to highlight objects in the dark or to make road users visible to others. A person with reflective elements on clothes in the dusk or in the dark is 7.5 times more visible.

Reflective elements for the workers of special services - builders, firefighters, foresters, etc. – workwear is an integral part of labor protection equipment in conditions of increased danger. Reflective elements are often used in sportswear, children’s jackets and overalls.

Reflective elements greatly improve visibility and reduce the risk of injury at night. Sometimes reflective elements are used as accessories - an original way to give clothes a modern look.