More than 250 colors of threads are presented in our online store

We offer sewing threads for the production of workwear, as well as embroidery threads, bobbin threads and overlocking threads from reliable Japanese and Turkish manufacturers.

Threads for Workwear and Much More

In addition to workwear threads, STA Grupa also offers overlock threads, embroidery threads and bobbin threads. For more than ten years we have been producing STA 120 sewing threads, which are always available in stock, with a colorful and rich 250 color palette, and if the client cannot find the thread of the color he needs, he can make an individual order. The thread numbers are very different - from No.10, which is thick and strong, up to the elegant and thin thread No.120.

We cooperate with the long-established Turkish thread manufacture, and we import threads for embroidery only and exclusively from Japan, which is characterized by its excellent quality of threads. The range of embroidery threads also includes metallic threads in gold and silver colors. We offer overlocking threads, as well as bobbin threads in black and white.


The production of specialized workwear requires special materials. This applies not only to fabrics, but also to threads. They should be strong and able to withstand increased loads. Threads for workwear hold a specific place in STA Grupa production range.

We offer flame retardant threads for clothing intended for welders and firefighters; these threads are able to withstand sudden changes in temperature and even fiery sparks up to 500 degrees. We offer reinforced threads for clothes that require increased wear resistance, metallized and other types of threads in more than 250 colors.