Goods for Labor Protection

Full protective clothing and all types of personal protective equipment

Choose protective clothing for workers in the construction, forestry, fishing or agricultural industries to protect against external influences and increase productivity.

To protect employees from external influences

Properly selected protective clothing provides reliable protection, significantly reduces the risk of injury, allows employees to feel as comfortable as possible in extreme conditions and increases productivity of the employees.

We offer durable, nonmisting and tight-fitting glasses for eye protection that can be worn over optical glasses, as well as other models of various designs and modifications. In places with a high level of noise we definitely recommend using sound dampeners - earplugs for less noisy places or ear protection with cups for different levels of sound dampening - from 25 to 35 decibels.

Another of the most popular products of STA Grupa, which is used not only in a professional environment, but also in everyday life when carrying out repair or other dirty works, are various types of particulate respirators with a maximum protection level of up to 50 x AER.



For 30 years, our main specialization has been the supply of multifunctional fabrics for the production of professional workwear. By expanding our range of services, we have added 7 categories of personal protective equipment to provide our customers with a complete selection of workwear.

Look through our offer for all major fields of activity - construction, medicine, forestry and agricultural works - and choose workwear for a specific job: tight-fitting safety goggles, respirators with an exhalation valve or FFP1, FFP2, FFP3 respirators without an exhalation valve, disposable face masks, chemical protective suits, ear plugs or earmuffs when being exposed to high levels of noise, hard hats, protective masks for production works, as well as gas and vapor filters with different levels of protection.

The choice of the suitable protective clothing is not explicit? Our consultants will help you choose personal protective equipment based on the specifics of your professional or personal activities.