Terms & Conditions

The terms of use of the website https://www.statextile.lv are concluded between A/S "STA Grupa" Registration number 40003019103, (hereinafter - Administrator), and private entity/legal entity, hereinafter - the User.

The User’s agreement consists of the Administrator and the User’s agreement on the fulfilment of the conditions and the use of the given resource (hereinafter referred to as the website).

The website https://www.statextile.lv (hereinafter referred to as the website) as well as the offered materials are the property of A/S "STA Grupa".

Website User approval process takes place automatically, when the user fills in the relevant registration fields.

1. General terms of use:

1.1. The user has the right to register on the website and place orders/make online payments;
1.2. The user can use the resources offered on the Administrator’s website exclusively for personal and/or business purposes;
1.3. The user has the right to ask the Administrator questions by sending an email to shop@statextile.lv;
1.4. The user has the right and obligations to notify the Administrator about inconsistencies or incorrect presentation of materials on the website;
1.5. The user has the right to change his/her personal information;
1.6. The user has the right to save or delete his/her personal information.
1.7. The user is prohibited from registering multiple user profiles with the same e-mail, phone number on the website;
1.8. User information (Reg. No., Name, Surname, Phone number, etc.) must be current and correct.

 2. Responsibilities of the user:

2.1. The user is not allowed to distribute his/her information to third parties from the moment of registration on the website and/or transfer his access data to other persons;
2.2. It is forbidden for the user to change/alter/modify/copy/download the visual and textual content posted on the website without prior agreement with the Administrator;
2.3. The user is forbidden to influence the work of the offered website by using side programs and/or performing other actions to transform information;
2.4. The user is obliged to notify the Administrator if unauthorized actions are noticed/detected in the user’s profile (for example, use of an unauthorized profile);
2.5. The user has the right and/or obligation to notify the Administration of the website about errors and inconsistencies found in the operation of the website;
2.6. The user has the right to make online payments using his/her payment cards.

 3. Rights and obligations of the website Administrator:

3.1.Adminstrator is obliged to check the user’s registration. Administrator has the right to refuse the registration of a new user without explaining the reason;
3.2. Administration of the website has the right to temporarily block the user’s profile or completely suspend its operation with/without explaining reasons for violating generally accepted norms of the website;
3.3. Administrator has the right to change the resources of the website, as well as its content and materials, without prior notice and explanations;
3.4. Administrator has the right to change the resources of the website, as well as its content and materials, without prior notice and explanations. Product images are illustrative, as colors/sizes are reflected differently on the user’s device screen;
3.5. Administrator has the right to close access to content and/or content sections, as well as materials without explaining the reasons;
3.6. Administrator does not have the right to disclose the user’s information (specified during registration) to third parties without prior agreement with the user;
3.7. Administrator has the right to amend/change this agreement at any time and without prior notice.


By pressing the “ACCEPT” button, you agree to all the above-mentioned provisions and guarantee its fulfillment, as well as give your consent to the A/S "STA Grupa (registration number 40003019103) data processing manager ", for the use and processing of your data in accordance with the General Data Protection Regulation, as also for the use of data for receiving services, or offers, or news, for receiving commercial news. At any time, you have the right to refuse receiving further information by emailing to shop@statextile.lv with the indication UNSUBSCRIBE. In this case, your data will be deleted, and you will not receive further information.