Company is working already more that 40 years and it`s one of largest producer of workwear, protectivewear and corporatewear fabrics in Europe. Klopman offer different fabrics for standart workwear and also specific fabrics - antistatic, antibacterial, fire retardant, fire resistant  and also multifunctional. Now KLOPMAN offers also fabric for corporatewear. All of fabric are higest quality, many of them has industrial washing. More information:



The company was founded in 1902 in USA. For more than a century 3M offers to customers a wide range of quality products designed to make their lives easier and more comfortable.
3M Scochlite is trademark that describes reflecting fabrics, reflecting tapes and bias. 3M offers very large different reflecting fabrics that is designed for standart garments and also protectivewear garments (fire fighters etc.)
Second treadmark that we offer is THINSULATE. It`s thin, soft wadding with excelent properties.
Third group that we can offer from 3M is different protective equipment (respirators, protective masks, protective glasses etc.)


dupont tyvek blue logo



For more than 200 years, DuPont has brought world-class science and engineering to the global marketplace through innovative products, materials and services.

Our market-driven innovation introduces thousands of new products and patent applications every year, serving markets as diverse as agriculture, nutrition, electronics and communications, safety and protection, home and construction, transportation and apparel.

Du Pont`s most know created brands are Teflon, Kevlar, Nomex and Tyvek.Du Pont Tyvek is lightweight and durable fabric which is made from polyethylene fibres.



Concordia Textiles

Concordia Textiles is Belgium producer who has good offer of coated fabrics. Factory is producing fabrics with PU coating and also membrane fabrics (3 layer fabrics). Both fabrics are widely used in production of waterproof but breathable jackets. Concordia Textiles produces also standart workwear fabrics, antistatic, fire retardant fabrics and also polyester and acatate linings. More information:


VVK Zipper

VVK Zipper (Algirdo Valiuškio Imone) is Lithuanian company that produce in Šauliai and Kaunas good quality zippers. Company can produce  6 mm metal zippers, 4 mm, 6 mm and 8 mm coil zippers and also 6 mm vislon zippers. The company is constantly developing and as prrof isd recently obtained Oekotex certificate. The great advantage is efficiency, fast delivery for non-standard and high-volume orders.




Textura Group

Textura Group is producer of workwear fabrics that is mostly known in Central and North Europe. Company is compratively yound but it is already very popular because assortment, quality and prices is better that most of Europe producers. Most of fabrics are certified according EN norms Textura can offer 100% cotton, PES/Cotton, fire retardant and also waterproof fabrics. More information:




French company Aplix is one of the world's leading companies that produce different fastener tapes. Company is producing fastener tapes for aircrafts, for army, for automotive industry, for medicine, for packing and for textile industry. APLIX is founded in 1950`s and now copmany has more than 800 employees.
More information:




Emiliano S.R.L

Emiliano S.R.L is producer of polyester buttons, clasps, and different accesories. Company is located near Bergamo in north of Italy. We are cooperating with this company already more that 10 years and therefor we are sure about quality of goods. If there is necessary EMILANO can do also laser engraving, for example, LOGO of Your company.





MORITO is large producer of different metal accesories for textile industry. Production of company is in Japan and their main products are - different press buttons, jeans buttons, washers and eyelets. It`s important that MORITO products are very good quality but in the same time price is competitive. Therefor we have choosen most popular articles that we keep in our stock in Riga.
More information:





Company INTERLANA is our longtime partner in suppling of nonwovens. Company is located in Czech Republic but factories are in France and in Asia but despite it company is checking quality of their products very accurately. It helps to offer customers good quality materials for competitive price. Most popular articles we keep in our Riga warehouse.




Kompānija TUR-IP specializējas dažādu šūšanas diegu izgatavošanā. Uzņēmums ir dibināts 1976. gadā ar mērķi ražot šūšanas diegus. Laika gaitā sortiments ir daudzkārt palielinājies, un pašlaik TUR-IP piedāvā dažādus lentītes, mežģīnes, atlasa letītes un tml. STA Grupa šis ražotājs ir kļuvis par galveno diegu piegādātāju, kā arī lielā daudzumā tiek ievestas dažādu krāsu atlasa lentītes. Ražošanas un piegādes laiks ir salīdzinoši īss: 2-3 nedēļas. 
Vairāk informācijas:




Elize Incorporated

Elize Incorporated ir ražotājs, kurš jau vairāk kā 10 gadus mums piegādā visaugstākās kvalitātes poliestera izšūšanas diegus, kurus ir iecienījuši pat mūsu konkurenti. Mūsu noliktavā ir plaša krāsu gamma, kura divas reizes gadā tiek papildināta. Ražotājs piedāvā arī industriālās šujmašīnās, kā arī piegriezējiem nepieciešamos marķierus. Elize Incorporated - Izcila kvalitāte, lielisks serviss un precizitāte jebkurā jautājumā. Vairāk informācijas:





Known, internationally recognized brand YKKThe company produces a wide range of products -  all kind of zippers, plastic products (buckles, stoppers etc.), metal press fasteners, eyelets and washers, plastic press fasteners, fastener tapes. We are importing several positions - invisible and vislon zippers, metal press fasteners, and eyelets and washers. Excellent quality!
More information:


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