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KLOPMAN is one of largest European producers and very good thing is that customers can order necessary fabric almost in any quantity. If fabric is available in stock there is possible to order sample meters for making sample garments and also some small trial orders. But before ordering there is necessary to know following:

  • Standart order is 500 meters (incorporating 100 m minimum by style or colour). In this case customer has standart price.

  • Orders below 500m are subject to a 10 % price premium and may in certain cases require an order assessment,

  • Sample orders above 3 m will be subject to a 12 % surcharge on list price,

  • Orders between 51m and 100m will be confirmed at 100m & shipped as close to the meters requested as possible depending on the size of the rolls. These orders are subject to a 10% surcharge.

Minimal quanity for WORKWEAR fabrics where colour is off line & special style is necessary:

  • 3.000 m minimum orders,

  • 1.000 m - 2.999m plus 50%.

Minimal quanity for PROTECTIVEWEAR & COROPRATEWEAR fabrics where colour is off line & special style is necessary:

  • 2.000 m minimum orders,

  • 1.000 m - 1.999 m plus 20%.

Minimal quanity for fabrics where colour is off line finish is necessary:

  • 2.000 meters minimum orders.

Minimal quanity for CORPORATEWEAR fabrics where on line styles and colour is necessary but there is no fabric in stock:

  • 1.000 meters.




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