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Noncoated Coated fabrics Three layer fabrics For medicine For army


    Our company is working with "Concordia Textiles" (Belgium) fabrics already more than 10 years. Manufacturer is producing differend fabrics - waterprrof breathable fabrics, fabrics for surgeons, water repellant workwear fabrics, also fabrics for army garments.

For Baltic states very useful is producer`s NOS (never out of stock) programm. Minimal quanity for fabrics that are included in this programme is 100 meters. For all other fabrics minimal quantity for fabrics that are not in stock are 1000 meters. Standart production time is 4 weeks. Fabrics that are in NOS programme is listed in brouchures:

Heat and flame

Heavy duty

Waterprrof breathable

We have in stock high quality fabric for workwear garments - FOREMAN.






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