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Mixed composition


Flame retardant

STA Grupa is distributor of company TEXTURA in Latvia, Lithuania and partly also in Estonia. Although production of TEXTURA fabrics are in Asia, quality of materials is very good. Almost all of manufacturer`s fabric has certified according to EN norms. Also TEXTURA has Oekotex certificate for fabrics.

Delivery time to Riga is only 1-2 weeks. Minimal quanity is 1 roll (100 m) but better offer we can give if order is 500 meters or more.

Please contact to us if there is neccessary technical data sheet or You have any question.



Email: ivars@sta. lv
Phone: +37167143592
Fax: +37167140591
Skype: ivarssta
Address:Zilupes 4a, Riga, LV-1019, Latvia

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