For our customers we can offer different fabrics. Usually in our stock we have following fabrics:

  • PROBAN (flame retardant properties),

  • denim fabric (standart denim fabrics it`s possible to order),

  • fabrics for overcoats (VELOUR),

  • imitation of leather in different colours,

  • cordura fabric (waterproof) in different colours,

  • fabric for overalls in different colours,

  • different furs (on request).


Please don`t hesitate to ask us if You are neccessary any other fabric. We will try to find and deliver it ASAP.


Email: ivars@sta. lv
Phone: +37167143592
Fax: +37167140591
Skype: ivarssta
Address:Zilupes 4a, Riga, LV-1019, Latvia

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